Tenets, Etiquette, & Safety

The Tenets of The National Karate School

  • Only by facing our fears and understanding our weaknesses will we discover strength, confidence and security.
  • We experience satisfaction and happiness as a result of our diligent effort to improve our art.
  • We will be exhilarated by our efforts even if we are not immediately successful.
  • Success, knowledge and true understanding will be gained if we continue to strive.
  • We will feel frustration and despair only if we admit defeat and failure.
  • The level of our skill is equal to the level of our commitment.
  • Arrogant, boastful displays of our skills reflect low self-confidence and insecurity and reduce the level of esteem in which others hold us.
  • A humble attitude earns true respect and admiration.
  • As our physical powers increase and develop, so do our psychological levels of self-control and self-confidence.
  • We respect and value the friendship and support of our classmates and instructor and are loyal to the principles upon which our training is based.
  • The pursuit of our martial art is a life-long effort which helps us to be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. Our ultimate goal is to become better persons through the mastery of this ancient art.
  • We will never misuse or abuse these powers.

School Etiquette and Safety Rules

* All persons should bow (salute) upon entering and leaving the classroom. Bowing is the way students demonstrate respect for what is being taught in the school and is a symbol of mutual respect for one another.

* For cleanliness and safety, shoes should be removed before entering the classroom.

* There is no smoking or use of tobacco products anywhere in the National Karate School.

* Always refer to brown and Black Belt holders as Mr...or Ms...while in the school.

* Please keep the dressing rooms and lobby neat and clean; use a locker or clothing rack to hang your clothes while in class.

* For safety, please remove all jewelry before class.

* For safety and cleanliness, gum chewing is not allowed in class.

* Free sparring is practiced only by students hold a green stripe belt or higher and must be supervised by a brown or Black Belt holder.

* Students must wear headgear, hand and foot pads, mouth guard, groin cups (for males), shin pads, elbow pads and a rib or chest protector while free sparring.

* Only students of green belt and above may use the heavy bag and should receive instructor permission prior to its use.

* There is no horseplay or running allowed in the National Karate School.