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Kelly Worley

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Kelly Worley

Brooklyn Park, Chaska, Crystal, Edina, Orono, Plymouth, Shorewood

June 15, 1977

Scott Masterton

6th degree black belt

School Owner

June 1987

#1 Over All Form & Sparring NCKA 1992 & 1993

“If it wasn’t for NK training I would never have known that I am an athlete. I didn’t participate in many school or mainstream sports as a child so didn’t have the same measuring stick other kids had, I just did karate. As a teenager I discovered that the things I took for granted from training in martial arts were athletic endeavors that transferred over to every other sport I tried.

As an instructor I have had the privilege of seeing my student’s confidence grow with their abilities. Both kids & adults are able to have success in the National Karate system. After being involved in the schools for 20+ years, I have students that trained with me in the past now bringing their children in for classes and stating how important their time at National Karate was for them, and wanting the same for their kids!”

*2 week trial is a one-time offer for new students only. Uniform purchase required.