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275 West 33rd Street, Suite M

Hastings, MN 55033

(651) 437-8440


Director: Mr. Gary Hui

Instructors: Mr. Steve Allyn, Mr. Mike Porter & Mr. Nate Hicks

Assistant Instructor: Mr. Gabe Forschen

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About Mr. Gary Hui

Gary Hui began his training with National Karate in 1994.  He was promoted to 1st degree black belt in 1996.  He currently hold a 4th degree black belt.  Mr. Hui has been teaching at the Hastings school for 18 years and has been the school director for 15 years.

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Lets get pumped up for the Diamond Nationals this weekend! 💪Like this post and share one of your favorite photos from the past, or current Diamond Nationals karate tournament.
#diamondnationals18 #sportmartialarts #naska #naskaworldtour
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Only a few days away. Register for the event at www.diamondnationals.com!

#diamondnationals18 #sportmartialarts #naska #naskaworldtour
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2 months ago

Hastings National Karate

Come and see your local heroes on stage at the 2018 Diamond Nationals! Come and be a part sport karate history. Ki'Tana Everett
Register or buy tickets today: www.diamondnationals.com

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