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Larry Carnahan

Larry Carnahan

10th Degree Grand Master

Co-Founder of National Karate


In 1977, Mr. Carnahan joined with Mr. John Worley in Minnesota, in order to contribute to, and to help in building the world that Mr. Worley had already started, in forming the current National Karate Academy of Martial Arts organization.

Larry Carnahan began training in Korean Tae Kwon Do in 1967 in Ft. Worth, Texas. He was promoted to black belt in the Grand Master Jhoon Rhee’s style of Tae Kwon Do in July of 1970 and began his teaching career that same year. After teaching for two years at Fort Worth, Texas, he moved to the headquarters of the Jhoon Rhee Institutes located in Washington D.C. During his five years in Washington D. C., he earned the Jhoon Rhee “Top Instructor Award” and the “School of Champions Award.” In 1977, Mr. Carnahan joined with Mr. John Worley in Minnesota to help continue the work Mr. Worley had already started in forming the current National Karate School organization. An active sport karate competitor, Mr. Carnahan was voted “Black Belt Rookie of the Year” by the Southwest Karate Association and chosen as a member of the Texas Black Belt Competition Team in 1970. After capturing top lightweight honors in such highly rated national tournaments as the Battle of Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia; the United States Karate Championships in Dallas, Texas; and the U.S. Open in Maryland, Mr. Carnahan was honored as one of the “Top Ten” black belts in the nation by Karate Illustrated Magazine in 1975. Mr. Carnahan become involved in kickboxing in 1975 where he was rated in the top ten lightweights in the world by the “Professional Karate Association” from 1976 to 1982. In 1990 Mr. Carnahan was elected President of the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA) and still holds the office today. NASKA is the world’s largest sport karate sanctioning body. As a director of JLB Productions, Inc., Mr. Carnahan has helped build the Diamond National Karate Championships into the number one tournament in North America. Mr. Carnahan, his wife Elaine and their three children make their home in Shoreview, Minnesota.

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