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National Karate encourages and supports many types of group activities that instill the value of community. Building team work through comradery and cooperation is a great way to grow as a community member and citizen.


National Karate students are proud to represent our school at tournaments both locally and nationwide. At NK, we believe that tournament competition has a wide variety benefits, both physical and mental. Developing an individual’s complete ability cannot be accomplished without the tournament experience – competition is the best way to accelerate learning. Tournament competitors can also develop respect, admiration, and friendships with others who share their interest in sport karate. The confidence gained by competitors as they overcome their fears and improve their skills is something National Karate views as an integral part of the curriculum.

Birthday Parties

What better way to celebrate growing another year older than to spend it with your friends doing some karate? Our birthday parties include a karate class with games to engage all skill and comfort levels, and a promotion to white belt for all party participants. Many students enjoy bringing their non-karate friends to share in an activity that they already love!

Summer Camp

For many kids, summer camp is a seasonal staple – a way to spend time away from the monotony of home, and day-to-day routine, and a chance to have some fun! National Karate began offering summer camp as an outlet for kids who want to make their summer camp experience even more fun! Our camp includes expanded karate classes complete with jump kids, punch defenses, bo techniques, sparring, and team form competition along with traditional sleep away camp activities including swimming, archery, squirt gun fights, and movies!

*2 week trial is a one-time offer for new students only. Uniform purchase required.