Parents bring their children to NK to receive many benefits. Improved listening skills, self-control, respect for others and discipline are high on the list. But so are the physical skills that will help your child with balance, hand-eye coordination and overall body strength. Best of all martial arts training at NK is fun! Learning new concepts, earning new belts and making new friends are all part of the NK experience.


The boys and girls in the NK Youth Program learn to be accomplished martial artists; strong, confident and skilled. As they earn higher belt ranks, the NK curriculum will challenge them physically and help develop their powers of concentration, but most importantly, it will develop their leadership skills. Martial arts training is a safe and effective way for youth to stay strong, flexible and fit. Youth who have earned higher levels of NK martial arts skills do not have problems with bullies and do not become bullies.


Teenagers will find NK martial arts to be physically and mentally challenging. While many teens spend their time playing video games or spending hours on the couch watching tv, NK students are involved in a training program that is safe yet very vigorous. Skills and lessons learned during these years are positive and will stay with the students for the rest of their lives. Many NK black belt holders pursue martial arts training for decades.


Martial arts training is very popular among men and women of all ages. A true lifetime sport, adults find NK training to be challenging and fun. Many adults become interested in NK after watching their children and the progress they are making. NK training can be a full family activity.

Our programs are perfect for learners of all ages– from preschoolers to senior citizens, we can turn almost anyone into a martial artist! To give it a try, schedule your intro lesson at a National Karate school near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Learn?

Men and women up to 75 years old have benefitted from NK training. Classes start with a carefully designed physical conditioning program which gradually improves strength and flexibility. There is special training for children as well: even children as young as four or five can benefit from the National Karate children’s program.

Why Self-Defense?

You take the usual precautions: you avoid trouble, mind your own business, but sometimes you still feel insecure, picked on, vulnerable… Maybe it’s time to take responsibility for your own personal safety. By checking out our web site, you have taken a positive action that may someday save your life. At National Karate, we specialize in teaching fast, effective self-defense skills for beginners of all ages. With NK training you can develop self-assurance, confidence and a level of self-discipline that you never thought possible.

How Do I Start?

New classes for beginners are offered several times each week. New students are grouped with others who are just beginning to learn. National Karate’s class schedule is very flexible and will allow you to set your own pace. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly NK training starts to improve your overall physical condition, flexibility, self-confidence and level of esteem.

What is the Cost?

NK programs are surprisingly affordable, especially compared to many other “lesson” activities. Beginners can choose special low cost entry programs to experience first hand the benefits of NK self-defense.