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NK training is excellent for physical conditioning, stressing body flexibility, excellent balance and over-all body strength. Students are always learning something new – it’s truly an antidote to monotonous gym routines. Professional black belt instructors are trained to help each individual reach his or her own personal potential. Flexible class schedules accommodate busy lives and all students train at their own pace. One person’s progress is not tied to anyone else. NK teaches effective self-defense that works in real life situations, and progression through the belt system develops confidence that extends beyond the classroom.

About the Program

Martial arts training is very popular among men and women of all ages. A true lifetime sport, adults find NK training to be challenging and fun. Many adults become interested in NK after watching their children and the progress they are making. NK training can be a full family activity.

*2 week trial is a one-time offer for new students only. Uniform purchase required.