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Christa Boone

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Christa Boone

St. Cloud, Sartell & Albertville


Mr. Mark Schindler & Ms. Kelly Deasy

5th degree black belt

School Owner

Summer 2000

Overall world champion for NASKA in 2009 for 18-29 women’s lightweight sparring

National Top Ten for NASKA in 2009 for 18-29 women in traditional empty hand, creative empty hand, musical empty hand, traditional weapons, musical weapons, and creative weapons

Ranked #1 overall in NCKA 2007, 2008, 2009 for 18-29 women in traditional empty hand form, creative empty hand form, traditional weapons, creative weapons, musical form, team form, sparring, and team sparring

Ms. Boone says…

“I started karate when I was four years old and grew up in a karate family. I didn’t realize until I was older how valuable my karate training was. I learned discipline and focus as well as building strength, coordination, and confidence. The mental and emotional benefits of karate added to the physical benefits and helped me to become a successful and competent adult. As an instructor I really enjoy seeing my students grow and develop through their karate training. Watching and being a part of their journey and seeing all the positive changes in each individual student reminds me every day why I love to be there. That is how I know I am doing what I love and making a difference in all of my students’ lives.”

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