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Fort Myers

Fort Myers
Meeting at Heights Foundation Education Building
15570 Hagie Drive
Fort Myers FL 33908
United States
Owner & Director: Barry Maxwell
About Fort Myers National Karate

Since 1973, the National Karate Academy has been dedicated to helping men, women and children discover the benefits of martial arts training.

Physical strength, flexibility and weight control are developed through high repetition natural body exercises.

Mental confidence is achieved from time-tested & effective self-defense skill.

NK training teaches respect, self-discipline and perseverance.

NK’s black belt professional instructors are highly trained and dedicated to help all students achieve their life goals.

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About Barry Maxwell

Mr. Maxwell started competing in NCKA & NASKA tournaments in 1998 at the age of 34, where he would participate with his 6 year old daughter. In 1999 he won 1st Place in Sparring at his first Diamond Nationals competition for his division.

20 years later, Diamond Nationals capped off the 2019 NASKA year with Mr. Maxwell being awarded NASKA World Top 10 award (4th in Men’s 50+ Traditional Weapons and 5th in Men’s 30+ Musical Weapons) as well as NCKA Outstanding Competitor Award (2nd Place – Men’s 40+ Traditional Empty Hand & Weapons).

The years in-between have been full of tournament judging and competitions: sparring; forms – individual, small & large teams; traditional open-hand, weapons, musical, and creative.


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