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Since 1973, the National Karate Academy has been dedicated to helping men, women and children discover the benefits of martial arts training.

Physical strength, flexibility and weight control are developed through high repetition natural body exercises.

Mental confidence is achieved from time-tested & effective self-defense skill.

NK training teaches respect, self-discipline and perseverance.

NK’s black belt professional instructors are highly trained and dedicated to help all students achieve their life goals.

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4608 Nicollet Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55409

(612) 822-4985


Owner: Mr. Jeff Sidner

Instructors: Ms. Jenna Stookey, Ms. Kelly Deasy, Mr. Dylan Calhoon & Mr. Seth Mellema

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About Mr. Jeff Sidner

Jeff Sidner began his martial arts training in 1989. After trying several schools, he found the Maplewood National Karate School in 1992 and immediately knew he’d found his martial arts home. He was promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt in 1995 and currently holds the rank of 6th Degree Black Belt.

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Hello Everyone,

I wish to congratulate all of the Diamond Nationals competitors. I was able to catch up with a lot of you at the event and it sounds like you all had a great experience. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to put yourself outside your comfort zone and compete. One student, in particular, decided the day of the tournament that he was too nervous and didn’t want to compete. After persuading/threatening him a bit (okay, maybe encouraging’s a better word 😉), I convinced him to give it a shot and he did excellent earning himself a Finalist in a large division of very good competitors! It’s this kind of courage that is to be congratulated. It’s not about what place you get, it’s the fact that you got out there and conquered your fear.

The Diamond Nationals is most prestigious sport karate event in the country and I couldn’t be more proud of all of you who participated. We had a great turn-out at the event and I would love for us to keep that momentum rolling throughout the tournament season. The Central States Championships will be held in Fridley, MN and is coming up on November 11th so mark your calendars. I can promise you from personal experience that the best way to improve your martial arts skill is to get into bar fights (kidding 😊). However, since law enforcement tends to frown upon that, the 2nd best way is to compete in karate tournaments!

Please feel free to bring in your awards to the school this week and I want to hear all of your competition stories!

-Jeff Sidner
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Congratulations to all Diamonds Competitors!!! It was a great event and I trust you all had a wonderful time. Bring your trophies into the school this week so we can recognize all your hard work!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Hello Everyone,

Just a reminder we will be closed this weekend due to the Diamond Nationals. Best of luck to all competitors!!
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Stop in by the NK booth on 44th and Nicollet for the Nicollet Open Streets Festival in South Minneapolis!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Dusted off some rust at the MN State Championships yesterday! ... See MoreSee Less

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