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8484 Tamarack Bay, Suite 101
Woodbury, MN 55125
United States
Owner: Mr. Jesse Zaragoza, Ms. Paula Aburto
Director: Ms. Paula Aburto, 5th Degree Black Belt
Instructors: Mr. Roane Zaragoza, Ms. Nichole Kellen
Assistant Instructors: Mr. Aaron McCauley, Mr. Tom Schumacher, Ms. Tiki Radhika Jadoo, Mr. Joram Zaragoza
Krav Maga Director/Master Instructor: Jesse Zaragoza, 7th Degree Black Belt
About Woodbury National Karate

Since 1973, the National Karate Academy has been dedicated to helping men, women and children discover the benefits of martial arts training.

Physical strength, flexibility and weight control are developed through high repetition natural body exercises.

Mental confidence is achieved from time-tested & effective self-defense skill.

NK training teaches respect, self-discipline and perseverance.

NK’s black belt professional instructors are highly trained and dedicated to help all students achieve their life goals.

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About Ms. Paula Aburto

Paula Aburto is a lifelong Martial Artist. After 25 years of teaching and mentoring students of all ages, Ms. Aburto has helped hundreds of eager students earn high ranks in the National Karate system of Martial Arts. Her dedicated approach to inspiring students to grow as martial artists, as well as her expert knowledge in National Karate curriculum make her both a charismatic leader and excellent instructor. Ms. Aburto believes in the long term benefits of dedicated Martial Arts training; and all three of her sons are black belt achievers.


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REMINDER! No regular classes tomorrow due to Monthly School Exam.
Friday, 1-23-2020
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Woodbury National Karate

Upcoming weather for Friday and Saturday, 1/17/2020 & 1/18/2020. We will be CLOSED for both days. Stay warm, dry, and safe! ... See MoreSee Less

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