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Mr. Tobin began his martial arts training with National Karate in 1992 and was promoted to 1st degree black belt in September of 1998. He currently holds the rank of 5th degree black belt. He says, “I was always a hyper child who nobody could control but when I joined National Karate, my instructors showed me how to use that energy and emphasized focus. National karate has always been my go-to place for fun, challenges, and self-achievement. Now as an instructor I plan to spread the same fond memories I had as a child growing up.”

Mr. Tobin is an active tournament competitor. In 2013 and 2014 he won first in the 18-29 year old divisions from the NCKA (North Central Karate Association) his achievements were in weapons, form, and sparring competition. He is currently rank 1st in his weight class in sparring for NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association). In addition to being an active martial artist; he ran college track at Moorhead state and graduated from Mankato state with a Bachelor of Science in Allied Health and Nursing. He works part time as a Nursing assistant throughout the Twin Cities.

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