Mr. Shonal Gangopadhyay started his training at National Karate in 2000 with Ms. Jamie Worley at International School of Minnesota. He achieved the rank of first degree black belt in 2008 with Mr. William Hill at Eden Prairie National Karate. He is currently a 3rd degree black belt and is working towards earning his 4th degree.Mr. Gangopadhyay started assisting in classes in 2009 and quickly realized how much he enjoys teaching, especially working with kids. His goal is helping people gain confidence not only in karate but also in everyday life. “I love going to work knowing that I’m about to help people. I can’t begin to express how good that feels. That’s why when I teach, I teach, knowing that my student’s class is the highlight of their day.”Mr. Gangopadhyay supports his students at local tournaments as well as at black belt exams. He also enjoys biking, kayaking, and other aerobics in his free time. He is currently a part time college student studying for his degrees in Physics and Kinesiology at the University of Minnesota.

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