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Sue Lomasney

Andover > Sue Lomasney

Sue Lomasney

Andover & Ramsey

November 1981

Nick Genova, Sammy El Nashar

6th degree black belt

School Owner & Director


Rated #1 for sparring in the NCKA for 10 years

Rated #1 lightweight NASKA 1993, 1995

Diamond Nationals Grand Champion in Sparring – Diamond ring winner in 2006

“National Karate has made it possible for me to pursue my martial arts training under the guidance of professional and experienced instructors. NK has been one of America’s leading martial arts organizations for over 40 years. I would never have reached my full potential as a martial artist or teacher without the NK leadership.

It’s such a special moment when someone reaches their full potential and earns their black belt. As a teamer, I’m so proud to be there to witness it.”

*2 week trial is a one-time offer for new students only. Uniform purchase required.