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Dee Everett

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Dee Everett


June 2001

Ms. Kelly Deasy

4th degree black belt

School Director & Head Instructor

January 2004

Currently ranked nationally on the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA) circuit

2012-2014 World Champion in creative form, weapons and point sparring

2015 World Top Ten for creative form, weapons and point sparring

Ranked on the local North Central Karate Association (NCKA) circuit

2005-2016 NCKA Top Competitor

“Training in the martial arts at National Karate has done a great many things for me personally. The main lesson I’ve learned is being able to recognize my own limitations and being able to devise an effective strategy to not only push through, but to also overcome them in the long term in an honorable and dignified manner.

Teaching is what I feel I was born to do, and to be able to teach a subject that I love dearly is a true blessing. I find it extremely fulfilling to be actively involved with helping my students excel beyond their own limits and reach their own personal goals.”

*2 week trial is a one-time offer for new students only. Uniform purchase required.