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Since 1973, the National Karate Academy has been dedicated to helping men, women and children discover the benefits of martial arts training.

Physical strength, flexibility and weight control are developed through high repetition natural body exercises.

Mental confidence is achieved from time-tested & effective self-defense skill.

NK training teaches respect, self-discipline and perseverance.

NK’s black belt professional instructors are highly trained and dedicated to help all students achieve their life goals.

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Crystal Shopping Center

231 Willow Bend

Crystal, MN 55428

(763) 533-6190


Director & Head Instructor: Ms. Dee Everett

Instructor: Mr. Dave Fair

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About Ms. Dee Everett

Ms. Dee Everett currently holds the rank of 4th degree black belt. Ms. Everett began her martial arts career in June 2001 at the Crystal location. After attaining her 1st degree black belt in December of 2003 she began assisting with classes. Over the course of the next few years Ms. Everett took on more teaching and coaching responsibilities until eventually rising to the status of school director in October of 2013.

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For everyone that has ever taken the journey toward achieving the rank of black belt this story about the bamboo tree is OUR story. WE are that bamboo tree. It takes a long time to nurture and cultivate a white belt into becoming a black belt. It is a hard journey but it is so worth the reward!


Motivational genius shares an ancient far east nugget of wisdom

Speaker: Les Brown
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2 weeks ago

Crystal National Karate


Day two:

• Ms. E - 1st sparring, GC round was fun! Lost to a Guatamalan in the second round! 😁
• Ki'Tana - 2nd sparring, lost 5-4 to Gina.
• Autumn - 3rd sparring
• Mr. Tobin - 3rd sparring
• Max - 3rd sparring, finalist trad form
• Grace - 6th sparring, 8th trad form
• Faith - 8th sparring, finalist trad form

Great job everyone! Try to stay dry! Safe travels everyone, see you back in MN!
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2 weeks ago

Crystal National Karate

☆ US OPEN 2018 ☆

Day one:

•Tana - 3rd open weight sparring
•Autumn - 3rd creative forms
•Max - 6th musical form, 6th creative weapons
•Faith - 6th creative weapons

A few pics of the renovations happening at the Coronado Springs resort. Lots of construction. That bridge, once they open it, is going to be a game changer!
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🇺🇸 We will be closed Wednesday July 4th for Independence Day. Regular classes will resume on Thursday July 5th. 🇺🇸 ... See MoreSee Less

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Quick reminder: tuition is due by the 15th of the month. Please remit payment directly to Network Karate Services or at the school ASAP if you have not done so already.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Network Karate Services
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