Jeff Sidner

NK School:

South Minneapolis, Bloomington & Hopkins

Started Training:


Most Influential NK Instructor:

Mr. Brian Spiess

Current Rank:

6th degree black belt

Current Title:

School Owner

Started Teaching:

September 1994

Competitive Accolades:

In May 2000, Mr. Sidner became the 3rd person in NK history to win 3 Grand Championships in one tournament (weapons, form, and sparring)

Since earning his black belt in 1995, he has won over 20 Grand Championship Titles

In 2015, Mr. Sidner was ranked #2 in NASKA in the 30-39 division for weapons and sparring

Mr. Sidner says…

“The one word I would use to sum up what National Karate martial arts training has done for me would be confidence. I spent much of my childhood shying away from pressure of any kind, but through my training I learned to master my fears so they would not control me. That is a lesson I have carried with me my entire life!The most rewarding thing about teaching for me is getting to see my students benefit from this training in many of the same ways I know I have. I believe God put me on this earth to be a teacher and every time I witness a student overcome an obstacle in their life because of this training that believe is confirmed!”

How to contact Mr. Sidner:

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