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Jim Albertson

Mr. BJ Carnahan, 6th Degree Black Belt


Barry J. Carnahan

NK School:

Arden Hills

Started Training:


Most Influential NK Instructor:

Grand Master Larry Carnahan

Current Rank:

6th degree black belt

Current Title:

School Owner & Director

Started Teaching:


Competitive Accolades:

2004 North American Sport Karate Heavy Weight Champion
2006 Diamond National Black Belt Team Grand Championship
2008 US Capital Classics Overall Grand Sparring Champion

Mr. Carnahan says…

“National Karate training has helped me to develop my body, mind and character for the better. What I’ve learned from this program has most certainly improved my quality of life. NK, for me, has been absolutely transformative. I was raised with the idea that helping others is life’s highest priority. Teaching karate is an opportunity to share information and processes that make people stronger, more aware, and more resourceful. I love seeing people succeed and achieve their goals. National Karate makes people better, and it’s an honor to be able to facilitate that.”

How to contact Mr. Carnahan:

Arden Hills School –

*2 week trial is a one-time offer for new students only. Uniform purchase required.