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14050 Saint Francis Boulevard
Ramsey, MN 55303
United States
Owner & Director: Mr. Gregg Sutherland
Instructors: Ms. Ashley Christensen, Ms. Emily Babler, Ms. Shannon Olson & Mr. Patrick Torgersen
About Ramsey National Karate

Since 1973, the National Karate Academy has been dedicated to helping men, women and children discover the benefits of martial arts training.

Physical strength, flexibility and weight control are developed through high repetition natural body exercises.

Mental confidence is achieved from time-tested & effective self-defense skill.

NK training teaches respect, self-discipline and perseverance.

NK’s black belt professional instructors are highly trained and dedicated to help all students achieve their life goals.

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About Mr. Gregg Sutherland

Mr. Sutherland trained under former United States kickboxing champion, Mr. Scott Masterton. Mr. Sutherland was Mr. Masterton’s sparring partner as he trained for the United States Kickboxing Championship.  Mr. Sutherland himself entered the kickboxing ring when he traveled to England for a match in which he defeated his opponent in the first round.


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Diamonds is 23 days away! Sign up now at before prices go up on the 21st! ... See MoreSee Less

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Muscle memory never goes away!
If you're on a break from karate it is time to come back!Ms. Ashley Christensen Firouzi was the grand champion in the women's 18-34 year old sparring group!
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🏆CENTRAL STATES Karate Championships Results!

🥋 Ashley Firouzi BB 18-34🥇Women’s Short Sparring 🏆 GRAND CHAMPION Overall Women’s Sparring
🥋 Ms. Babler 18-34 🥈 Women’s Short Sparring
🥋 Shannon Olson BB 18-34🥇Women’s Tall Sparring
🥋 Sierra Renkert BB 🏅Finalist Girls Sparring 🥈 Girls Team Sparring
🥋 Tate Lackie UB 🥇 Boys Form, 🥇 Boys Sparring
🥋 Levi Lackie UB 🏅4th Boys Weapons Form, 🥉Boys Sparring
🥋 Mason Marvin UB 🏅4th Boys Open Hand Form, 🥈Boys Sparring

BB - Black Belt UB- Under Belt

👊🏼 National Karate definitely showed up to represent at this tournament. NK took several Grand Championship titles home overall.
💎 Next up is Diamond Nationals November 1-2! See an instructor in the school for more info!

? If we missed you or you have a ? mark - let us know how you did in what division!
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Here is the Registration Link for the Sparring Seminar!
- We highly encourage you to go!💎NATIONAL KARATE very own Ki’tana Everett will be doing a Sparring Seminar the day before DIAMOND NATIONALS!

💎 She is currently one of the top fighters in the World! Competing on Team TDE Power. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best!

💎Private Message us or her (Name Link in Comments) to REGISTER! $40 at the Door!

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💎💎💎 Diamond Nationals is ONE MONTH away 💎💎💎
🥊 Sign up!
🥊 Start practicing!
🥊 One of the best ways to improve your skills is by experience!
🥊 Talk to Ms. Babler if you need help signing up and for a code to enter to get a special NK discount on your admission price!
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*2 week trial is a one-time offer for new students only. Uniform purchase required.